Al tourist visitors to Tanzania must have a visa which can be obtained online or from one of the Tanzanian embassies and diplomatic missions across the work. Some nationalities can still get their Tanzania tourist visa on arrival at the Tanzania borders.

To get the visa, you will be required to visit the website from where you will fill in the online Tanzania visa application form. After you will be required to make payment. The form will be reviewed and processed and you will be issued with a visa afterward.

Entry Requirements for the Tanzania Visa

If you are not a Tanzanian, you will definitely need a visa to enter Tanzania. Besides the visa, you can also present a resident permit or a pass to enter Tanzania. Foreigners intending to enter Tanzania should be in the possession of valid passports or any other travel document which must be in addition to evidence of onward travel arrangements (like flight tickets), evidence of enough funds to support their stay in Tanzania.


  • Applicants of Tanzania Visa are strongly advised to apply for Visa through the Official Tanzania Immigration Services Website (www.immigration.go.tzONLY and NOT through any other Internet sites;
  • Please ensure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months and has a blank page where your visa will be printed.
  • Ensure your application for the right visa. If you are going for a safari in Tanzania, the standard visa is the one for you. If you are not so sure about the visa you need, it is best to first email [email protected].
  • Your visa application should normally be processed within 10 working days. This could be shorter or longer depending on the verifications being conducted on your application.
  • If your application lacks enough support documentation, it could be rejected upon which you can re-apply with fresh support documentation. But there will be no refund if your Tanzania visa application is rejected.
  • Please note that even though you might have a confirmed Tanzania visa, the immigration office still has all rights to deny you entry into Tanzania or cancel your visa.
  • Not all countries are required to apply for a Tanzania visa in advance before arrival. Please look through the list of those countries (listed below this page) of those nationalities that do not need advance visas application for Tanzania.

You are required to fill in the online form, make payment, and submit your application online. Your form will be internally reviewed and processed.

Applicants will be notified through their e-mails whether their applications have been accepted or rejected. They may also TRACK their application statuses through the online system. Applicants may as well be required to visit the nearest Tanzanian Embassies or Consular Offices for interviews.

How to Apply for the Tanzania Visa Online

  • Visit the Immigration Services Website ()
  • Click the “e-services” button;
  • Select and click “e-Visa Application Form”;
  • Fill all required details in the form;
  • Upload and attach the applicant’s scanned relevant documents for the Visa;
  • Then, the applicant will receive an e-mail message containing User Identification Number (that may be used to track the application online);
  • After completion of filling an online visa application form, the applicant will have to pay for a respective visa fee;
  • Upon successful payment, the applicant will submit his application;
  • Lastly, the applicant will receive a message of confirmation of his application being received.

















Tanzania Visa Payment Method

You can make payment for your Tanzania visa fee online through one of the following methods:

  1. By Visa card/By Master card; and
  2. By Swift transfer (i.e. depositing money directly into a bank account at the bank counter).

After making the fee payment, you will receive a notification that his payment has been received.

Online visa application tips:

Please be sure that you have all the required information ready to upload on to the websites when prompted.

  • Please ensure that you enter your e-mail address correctly as this will be used as the primary source of contact between the immigration department and the applicant.
  • Please note that if you do not get a response from the immigration department within the stated allotted time do contact your travel agent for assistance.
  • Please always check with your countries embassy first to check if you are required to apply for a visa to enter Uganda.
  • Please note that you are still able to apply for a visa on arrival to all the above countries but this option is being phased out over the upcoming months.
  • Please make sure you print off your visa, once received so that it can be handed immigration


The following countries’ nationals are not required to apply for visas to enter Tanzania. They will undergo immigration formalities at the entry point upon arrival. The list of such countries is shown below:

  • Antigua & Barbuda
  • Anguilla
  • Ashmore & Cartier Island
  • Bahamas
  • Barbados
  • Bermuda
  • Belize
  • Brunei
  • British Virgin Island
  • British Indian Ocean Territory
  • Botswana
  • Cyprus
  • Cayman Island
  • Channel Island
  • Cocoas Island
  • Cook Island
  • Christmas Island
  • Dominica
  • Falkland Island
  • The Gambia
  • Ghana
  • Gibraltar
  • Grenada
  • Guernsey
  • Guyana
  • Heard Island
  • Isle of man
  • Jamaica
  • Jersey
  • Kenya
  • Kiribati
  • Lesotho
  • Malawi
  • Montserrat
  • Malaysia
  • Madagascar
  • Malta
  • Mauritius
  • Mozambique
  • Nauru
  • Naue Island
  • Norfolk Island
  • Namibia
  • Papua new Guinea
  • Rwanda
  • Romania
  • Ross Dependency
  • Samoa
  • Seychelles
  • Singapore
  • Solomon Island
  • South Sudan
  • Swaziland
  • St. Kitts&Navis
  • St. Lucia
  • St. Vicent
  • St. Helana
  • The south African Republic
  • Trinidad & Tobago
  • Turks & Caicos
  • Tokelan
  • Tonga
  • Tuvalu
  • Vanuatu
  • Uganda
  • Zambia
  • Zimbabwe


Possession of a Visa for the United Republic of Tanzania does not provide an automatic right of entry for the holder into the Country. The Immigration Officer at the port of entry may refuse entry to any person if he is satisfied that such a person is unable to fulfill the immigration requirements or that such person’s presence in the United Republic of Tanzania would be contrary to national interests or security.

For information on obtaining a residence permit, please contact the Tanzanian Immigration Department’s Ministry for Home Affairs website or by telephone.

Dar es Salaam: +255 (0) 22 2850575/6
Zanzibar: +255 (0) 24 223 9148

Email: [email protected] or [email protected] or if you are going to Zanzibar [email protected]

Yellow fever vaccination Certificates for Tanzania Entry

Yellow fever vaccination is required for all travelers arriving from, or have transited through, countries where yellow fever is endemic.  The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) provides additional information about recommended vaccines and medications for travelers going to Tanzania. The CDC notes there are reports that unless a traveler has a medical exemption letter from a physician, some immigration officials require evidence of the vaccine for entry in Tanzania – particularly entry via Zanzibar – from all travelers. Travelers with neither the shot nor an exemption letter are usually allowed entry and directed to a health officer to obtain the vaccine.