1. About this document:

This document sets out our security strategy in regard of client individual information, which will represent the manner by which we process any individual information that you give us. It fills in as a declaration of our responsibility regarding securing your private individual data, however isn’t an agreement. It would be ideal if you see Section 18 underneath for the rights which the law gives you in connection to your own information.

  1. Your consent:

By using our sites, giving any individual information to us, or booking any movement administrations with us, that you affirm that you consent to and agree to the terms of this record, to the degree that your assent is required by any applicable law.

  1. Copyright Issue:

This document, and all substance of our sites is Copyright© TanCont Tours. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

  1. About us

This is the protection approach of TanCont Tours (reffered to as “we”, “us” or “our”). We are fused under the laws of Arusha, Tanzania. Our official address is Kaloleni Wageni, Street Arusha, Tanzania.

If you have any question about our privacy policy and data. Feel free to write us to [email protected]. Or Call: +255 712 647 494

  1. Our dedication

We regard your entitlement to protection and we mean to guarantee you have a dependable involvement with us, including when utilizing our sites and booking with or through us. We comprehend that you think about how your own information is utilized by us, and we need to impart to you the approaches and practices.

  1. Who our protection strategy covers

6.1. Our Customers

Our privacy policy sets out how we process individual information (counting data) identifying with people who are reserving or enquiring about booking safari tours with or through us or who are the beneficiaries of any movement administrations booked with or through us (e.g. you are the traveller for a booking or booking enquiry made by another person for you), or who are clients or potential clients or beneficiaries of movement benefits that can be reserved with or through us.

6.2 Examples of who this approach covers

We incorporate into this security approach individual information we process identifying with: (1) people who are making any enquiry or booking with us or through us, and people in regard of whom any enquiry or booking is made, (for example, companions, relatives, and visit aggregate individuals, and officers and workers of organizations and associations booking with or through us); (2) people in regard of whom any enquiry or booking is made with us by a specialist; (3) where our client is a business or association, representatives or people who are going about as agents of that business or other association, and people associated with that business or other association, for example, proprietors, accomplices, investors, and executives; and (4) people whose individual information from different organizations in our gathering, (for example, where you have assented to your own information being uncovered to other gathering organizations for advertising purposes).

6.3 When we are information processor only

This approach does not have any significant bearing where we are preparing individual information entirely as a sub-contractual worker or information processor for an outsider, and not alone record. You should look to that outsider and their security approach, with respect to how information in their ownership or control is handled.

6.4 Terms used as a part of this policy

When we refer to “you” and “your” in this security approach, we mean any such person whose individual information we process occasionally.

When we refer to “preparing” of your own information, this incorporates getting, recording, putting away or holding your own information, and anything we do with it, for example, arranging, adjusting or changing it, recovering, counseling or utilizing it, unveiling it or generally making it accessible to others, consolidating it with other information, and blocking, deleting or obliterating it.

When we refer to “travel benefits” this covers all items and administrations which might be reserved with or through us, for example, bespoke occasions, bundle occasions, settlement, visits, transport and exchanges (regardless of whether via air, mentor, transport, prepare, ship, taxi or different means), auto contract, travels, and sanctions, and it incorporates both (1) every single such item and administrations which we supply or work ourselves (counting where we sub-contract); and (2) any such items and administrations give by an outsider which we book for you (going about as operator for you or that outsider). Travel benefits additionally incorporates any administrations we or an outsider furnish in relationship with movement, for example, acquiring visas, remote trade, and giving nearby delegates and support.

  1. What laws we follow

We process your own information as per the accompanying information security law(s): The Data Protection Act 1998 (which covers assurance of individual information by and large). We likewise try to go along for the most part with the laws of the Tanzania in connection to the preparing of your own information.

  1. What sorts of individual information we process?

This segment abridges the kinds of individual information about you that we procedure:

8.1 Data concerning you as a person

This incorporates name, age, photo, sex, address, phone, versatile, fax, email, long range interpersonal communication contact subtle elements, verifications of personality and address, duplicates of international IDs, driving licenses, and service bills, card and other instalments points of interest, and monetary data, wellbeing data important to your arranged travel, and travel protections held, consequences of pursuits did against you, (for example, to confirm you character, address, and credit status), your inclinations, regular customer or travel accomplice program connection and part number, and some other data gave to us by or in connection to you which concern you as a person.

8.2 Business Related Information

On the off chance that you are an individual related with a business or other association that is our client, at that point your own information may incorporate the accompanying data that we connect to you: business or association subtle elements, (for example, name, address, phone numbers, instalments game plans, budgetary data, and so on.), your association with that business or association, (for example, proprietor, accomplice, executive, investor, worker, or operator), and your contact subtle elements inside that business, (for example, place of business, work phone and versatile numbers, work fax number, and work email address).

8.3 Enquiry and Booking data

Data concerning enquiries and appointments made with or through us for movement administrations, including where you are making the enquiry or booking or are the beneficiary of the movement administrations to which the enquiry or booking relates. This data may include: records of enquiries and scans for occasion and travel items made by or for your benefit, subtle elements of your own advantages, needs and other information significant to your enquiry; points of interest of results, cites, recommendations, gauges and other data given in light of enquiries; subtle elements of the occasion, settlement, travel, auto contract, and other travel administrations booked or enquired about; subtle elements of the travelers/holidaymakers voyaging; points of interest of the supplier of the movement administrations (e.g. visit administrator); dates and times of movement; value; installment subtle elements (counting card points of interest); travel permit data and visa data; outside trade prerequisites and courses of action; and touchy data, for example, wellbeing, therapeutic, dietary, portability, handicap, religious or other exceptional conditions or necessities.

8.4 Performance data

Data produced concerning the execution of any reserving or other contract made with or through us, including data identifying with anything emerging amid any occasion or other travel administrations, and data identifying with installments to be made.

8.5 Survey Information

Data gathered or created out of any reviews we lead.

8.6 Competition Information

Data gathered or produced out of any rivalries or advancements we run.

8.7 Account, Registration and Loyalty Information

Data concerning any records, enlistments, or enrollments with us, or support in any dependability program.

8.8 Correspondence

Correspondence, interchanges and messages, including amongst you and us, and amongst us and outsiders, including identifying with any reserving or booking enquiry, or execution of any agreement.

8.9 Website Usage Information

We may gather data about your visits to, perusing of, and utilization of our site, unless your web program obstructs this. The scope of information we gather will rely upon how you interface with our site.

This data may include: your IP address (a one of a kind identifier distributed to your PC for your association with the web); your PC gadget subtle elements (PC, tablet, cell phone, watch and so forth.); the make and form of web program (e.g. Web Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome) you are utilizing; your working framework (e.g. Windows, Windows Phone, OSX, iOS, Android, Linux and so on); your opportunity zone; your program modules; any site page you originated from, distinguished as the referrer site page address by your web program; treats; page reaction times; download mistake; pages and parts of pages you visit; utilization you make of our site, including enquiries and quests attempted, and enlistments for accounts, discussions and so on.; administrations and items you saw; length of visit to site and pages; page connection data, (for example, looking over, keys squeezed, mouse clicks, touches, and mouse-overs). This will regularly be gathered and utilized secretly, and collected for examination, with your name and any attributes recognizing you staying unknown, however our security approach will apply, and it will be dealt with as your own information, if this data is in any capacity connected to you by and by.

This data may likewise include: information inputted into structures and field; enrollments for any records, discussion, criticism instrument, social usefulness, bulletins or different highlights of our webpage; usernames and passwords, sign in/out history, and settings; moves made inside any record or other enlistment, including perspective and refresh and changes to settings; and presents on any gathering, criticism, survey or other social usefulness on our site.

  1. How we gather or create your own information

This segment sets out manners by which we may gather or create individual information concerning you.

9.1 Visiting our site

By going to and utilizing our site you or your PC may give individual information. This incorporates: data which is naturally given by your program to our servers; data record on our web servers about your communication with our site and pages saw; data we catch or place on your PC or produce utilizing treats or different innovations on our site; and data you contribution to structures and fields on our site.

9.2 Data you give

Your own information will incorporate information you give (or later alter), regardless of whether: from correspondence with you; verbally to us via telephone or face to face; by recording in any field or frame on a site; by filling in any printed shape we give you; by email; from reports you furnish use with; and from updates to any data to give every once in a while. This incorporates when you: enroll or buy in for any administration, record, individuals, or dedication program, or make an enquiry or reserving for an occasion or other travel administrations whether face to face, by telephone, through our site or something else; send us your remarks or recommendations; buy in to any bulletin or other production; and demand deals and publicizing data, including leaflets.

9.3 Data got from outsiders

We may get individual information concerning you from outsiders, including from: suppliers of any occasions, convenience, other travel administrations which are enquired about or booked, and their delegates; credit, misrepresentation, personality and different inquiries we may embrace, incorporating looks with open records and administrative and private associations; from any business or association you are related with; from phone numbers distinguished by the phone framework when you phone us.

9.4 Data created by us

We and any providers or sub-contractual workers working for us may produce individual information identifying with you, incorporating into association with reacting to and managing any enquiry, booking or grumbling; or in playing out any reserving or other contract with you; or through the investigation of your own information or information picked up from your utilization of our site. We may record phone calls with you.

  1. What do we utilize your own information for?

This area sets out the utilizations which we make of your own information:

10.1 Operate our site

To work and give the hunt, booking, accounts, audit, gatherings and different administrations, offices and elements of our sites. This incorporates dealing with any records or enrollments you have with our sites and rolling out improvements to your settings and profile at your demand.

10.2 Provide data and react to enquiries

To give data to you about our site, frameworks and administrations, including to react to booking enquiries and looks for occasions and travel, and to keep you refreshed by and large.

10.3 Bookings and different contracts

To empower you to make appointments, and to satisfy, give, perform, regulate, oversee, and uphold all appointments, orders, and different contracts which identify with you (counting on the off chance that you are a traveler in a booking made by another person), and to process any exchanges approved or made with us which identify with you.

10.4 Payments

To gather and make installments due and control our records.

10.5 Communication with clients

To speak with you concerning any enquiries, appointments, travel administrations gave, issues and grumblings, and to react to any entries, enquiries or solicitations from you.

10.6 Record Keeping

To keep inner records and keep up sensible documents, including worried as to enquiries, appointments, contracts, travel administrations, and objections.

10.7 Manage and Improve our business

To break down, review, give, work, oversee, keep up and enhance our business, site, frameworks, and administrations; to complete studies and investigate the outcomes; to run advancements and rivalries; attempt item or client inquire about/advancement; to help us in and help us to enhance our business, publication, publicizing and showcasing forms; to do different business advancement and change exercises; and to give preparing to our staff, sub-temporary workers and providers. For instance, we may utilize your own information to enable us to profile how our clients for the most part are utilizing our sites and booking travel administrations with (or through) us. We may likewise utilize this data to discover intrigues with the goal that we can better tailor our business offerings.

10.8 Direct promoting

To do guide showcasing to you. See next segment beneath for additional data.

10.9 Advertising

To report total data concerning use of our sites to our publicists. We ordinarily make unknown factual information about perusing activities and designs, and don’t recognize any person.

10.10 Anything you have particularly assented to

For any reason which we have acquired your agree to.

  1. Utilization of your own information for coordinate advertising

We don’t utilize or unveil your own information for coordinate showcasing purposes unless we have gotten your agree to this, for example, through a select in or quit tick box on any frame or site of our own.

11.1 Direct showcasing by us

Where you have agreed to this, we may utilize your own information to do coordinate showcasing and send you advertising messages, materials, adverts and advancements identifying with movement administrations we furnish or which can be reserved with outsiders through us.

Where you have assented to this, we may likewise utilize your own information to complete direct showcasing and send you advertising messages, materials, adverts and advancements identifying with movement administrations which are offered by or which can be reserved through some other organization in an indistinguishable gathering of organizations from us (i.e. inside the Travel Corporation gathering) or outsiders chose by us.

You will be allowed to pull back your agree to this whenever, by reaching us as point by point in this protection strategy or as itemized in any immediate showcasing that you get. In any email you send we would request that you embed “withdraw” as the subject heading.

11.2 Direct Marketing by Third Parties

Where you have assented to this, we may uncover your own information which is contact information, (for example, name, email, postal address, phone, portable or fax number) to some other organization in an indistinguishable gathering of organizations from us (e.g. inside the Travel Corporation gathering), or to outsiders chose by us. They will utilize this to complete direct showcasing in their own particular right and will utilize it to send you advertising materials, adverts and advancements identifying with items and administrations they offer or which can be reserved through them. You will be allowed to pull back your agree to our exposure of your own information for this reason whenever, by reaching us as point by point above. In the event that you pull back your assent, this won’t influence any divulgences we have effectively made (i.e. we won’t have the capacity to expel your own information from anybody we have uncovered it to), however we will disclose to you their identity on demand, and you should get in touch with them straightforwardly.

  1. Exposure of your own information

We exchange your own information to outsiders in the accompanying conditions:

12.1 Credit Checks and so forth.

We may unveil your own information to outsiders (counting mediators) as important to do any checks concerning you or authorize any reserving or contract with you (counting credit, security, misrepresentation and character checks). This may incorporate credit reference offices and different organizations for use in credit choices, for extortion avoidance and to seek after indebted individuals.

12.2 Bookings and execution of agreements

We uncover your own information to outsiders (counting middle people) as important to manage any reserving enquiry being made by or for you, to make any reserving asked for by or for you, to perform and oversee any reserving for you or other contract with or in regard of you. This may incorporate; to apply for visas for your benefit, to gather installments to be made by you, to explore and react to grievances, and to implement any reserving or other contract with you. Such outsiders may incorporate any providers or sub-temporary workers and their operators (e.g. aircrafts, mentor, ship or prepare organizations, hoteliers, employ organizations, journey organizations, visit administrators and so on.).

12.3 Suppliers of movement and different administrations

We may unveil your own information to any outsider (e.g. provider, contractual worker sub-temporary worker) we make any enquiries with concerning or draw in or sub-contract to play out any reserving or other contract, including to give any movement, visit or different items or administrations we have consented to give to you. We may reveal your own information to any provider with whom we make any enquiry concerning or book any movement or different items and administrations for you as specialist (regardless of whether as operator for you, somebody speaking to you, or the provider, for example, a visit administrator. Points of interest of any outsider visit administrators or other outsiders will’s identity in charge of or supply you with the movement administrations booked or enquired about, might be gotten from us on ask for, and might be expressed in any visit or other handout gave by us.

12.4 Public gatherings and so on.

Where any office on our site is unmistakably intended to make sure of your own information open (e.g. presents you make on any open discussion or audits office) at that point any individual information you give in connection to that gathering or other office, which is given in condition where obviously it is expected to be distributed, will be uncovered to people in general as needs be, liable to control by us.

12.5 Legal necessities

We may supply individual information to an administration specialist or controller where required to conform to a lawful necessity, for the organization of equity, for the motivations behind traditions, visas and movement, or where sensibly required to ensure your indispensable advantages or authorize any reserving or other contract. We may unveil your own information where generally required by or allowed by law.

12.6 Customer Representatives

In the event that our client is a business or association, and we are holding your own information in your ability as a partner of that business or association (counting as operator, agent, contact, worker, officer, proprietor, accomplice, or executive), at that point we may unveil to them that individual information. In the event that our client is making a booking or booking enquiry for your benefit, with your power, at that point we may uncover to our client your own information as sensibly required regarding such reserving or enquiry, or the ensuing execution of or installment for any reserving made.

  1. Keeping your information secure

13.1 Security measures

We have executed security approaches, guidelines and specialized measures with a view to security of individual information.

13.2 Transmissions between your web program and our servers

We utilize Secured Socket Layer (“SSL”) programming so as to scramble the individual data that you give to us while it is in travel over the web. This will work if your program is SSL empowered (which generally are). You a confirm this is working by searching for the image of shut bolt or strong key on the base bar of your program window, and watching that the prefix for the web address in the program address banish has changed from “http” to “https”.

13.3 Storage of your own information

The individual data we gather from you online is put away by us or potentially our specialist organizations on databases ensured through a blend of physical and electronic access controls, firewall innovation and other sensible safety efforts.

13.2 Your safety efforts

For your own security insurance, we urge you to keep up hostile to infection and other malware assurance programming on your PCs and different gadgets, and to keep up your own particular measures to ensure your own information. Kindly do exclude touchy individual information in any messages you may send to us, including installment card data.

We likewise urge you to be cautious about whom you give individual information to. We never reach you to approach you for touchy individual information, for example, installment card data, or delicate individual information, for example, international ID numbers or sign in subtle elements, and we will just approach you for such data face to face or through our site, or by phone regarding a booking you are making or have made. If it’s not too much trouble let us know whether you somebody indicates to get in touch with you in our name.

  1. To what extent do we keep your own information for?

We keep your own information for so long and is sensibly fundamental for the reasons for which we utilize it, and assuming longer, for any span required by law, and for statutory cases impediment periods where your own information might be significant to any conceivable obligation we may need to you.

  1. Your Rights

Our security approach isn’t planned to make an agreement or shape some portion of any agreement. You have certain non-legally binding rights under the laws noted above, which we say beneath. On the off chance that you get in touch with us about these rights, we may request confirmation of your personality before we act, and may decline to act in the event that you don’t give this or your character isn’t built up by you.

16.1 Access to your own information

You may request that we let you know whether we are preparing individual information about you, to reveal to you what individual information we are handling and for what purposes, and to furnish you with a duplicate of your own information that we hold. We may charge an expense for dealing with your demand, in a sum endorsed by law. The law allows us, in specific cases to reject your demand, and we will prompt you at the time if so.

17.2 Use causing generous trouble or harm

You have the privilege to request that we quit utilizing your own information for any reason in any way that causes you or is probably going to cause you ridiculous and considerable harm or pain, subject to exemptions.

17.3 Use for coordinate advertising

You have the privilege to request that we quit utilizing your own information to complete direct promoting to you.

17.4 Correction of mistakes

You have the privilege to request that a court arrange us to amend, square, delete or devastate any incorrect individual information we hold about you.

17.5 Compensation

You have the privilege to assert remuneration for harm and (in specific cases) trouble you endure in the event that we don’t agree to the laws alluded to above.

17.6 Complaints to relevant expert

The laws we agree to are directed by the Tanzania Department of Justice. Notwithstanding your rights above, it is available to you, on the off chance that you have a grumbling or worry, to look for help from such government controller, who has forces to constrain us to conform to pertinent laws and fine us for rebelliousness. In any case, before you do as such, we would trust that you will get in touch with us initially to examine any protest or concerns you have.

  1. Changes to this security approach

We may change this security approach whenever and every now and then without notice to you, including by distributing another rendition on our site. You should check this security arrangement for refreshes each time you visit our site to make certain that you know about any progressions. You should check the highest point of the archive to see the most recent form in drive. Any change will be forthcoming just, and we won’t roll out any improvements that have retroactive impact unless lawfully required to do as such.

  1. Material Law and Disputes

This strategy is liable to the law of Tanzania.